Thursday, September 21, 2006

Whatever I mention about this book in words, it can never close to the experience...
An since its my first blog its important for me to mention what changed my life and how it did so.
The book "Autobiography of Yogi" is pretty famous, but how can just reading a book mere bring experience to a person?
This book is first of its kind written by a Yogi about his life and experiences.. and has vibrations to change and mold an individual..
It would be nice to me to talk about my own experiences, just and logic driven engineer, would like to put then point wise:
- I had longed desired to meditate, but i actually started meditating only after and along the process of reading this book, its just made me sit cross legged. Over the years re reading again had made sit again and again...
- I had doubts about astrology... and the fundamental question that, if everything was destined, why bother ? But here I come across someone capable of changining.. outwitting starts...
- PATH OF LIFE, AIM OF LIFE... such questions cleared... its gave some defination to my life..
- As in numerous occasions of reading this book, I have had tears in my eyes.. because it talk about "Love", divine love
- Numerous other experiences after which i not only believe in God, but yes I did experience it too

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shivani said...

There could not have been a better thought for your first blog than this.
It is so inspiring..pulls me back to the "right" path.

And your analysis - masha-allah!
I am awe-struck :)